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Teaching behavioral rules with animation and video.

Animation Video E-learning
The challenge
Characteristics of the question
Teach behavioral rules as hands-on as possible. Two versions for two different audiences. Very diverse target group (education level, culture, job function). Module must be usable offline.

Learning about the Code of Conduct with recognizable real-life examples

Can we use e-learning to teach a very diverse audience the desired rules of conduct aboard Maersk’s ships? We knew the answer to that question: absolutely! All employees “at sea” must conduct themselves according to Maersk’s Code of Conduct. That presents dilemmas. Can you always accept gifts? What are you posting or not posting on social media? What should you do if you discover fraud? The module contains very many practical examples, to teach the rules of conduct in the most realistic context possible.

The result
What does it provide?
Interactive with realistic real-life situations. Examples and personas tailored to target audience. Dynamic through the use of animation and video. Use offline with retention of results.

Hands-on e-learning based on scenarios

The target audience consists of practical-minded people, for whom learning feels more often like “should” than “may. So the module also had to be, above all, fun and surprising, Maersk said. A butt of ours! Using an animated menu, participants travel through various places around the world. At each location, participants “meet” a Maersk colleague, who addresses the participant in a short, personal video. The use of animation and video in the learning solution increases the dynamism and visual appeal of the module. This motivates the target audience to engage with the learning solution. Each location includes interactive exercises with recognizable real-life situations that activate participants and bring the module to life. And with results! Maersk informed us that the participants are very enthusiastic and enjoy following the module.

"We launched it last year and we are getting fantastic feedback. Seafarers are asking for more trainings like this."
Legal & Compliance

Offline use, with retention of results

Because the target audience is mostly at sea and a stable Internet connection is not always a given on board, making the module available offline presented a challenge. In fact, learning outcomes do need to be reported to the LMS. We collaborated with Maersk on how the module could be used offline. The Code of Conduct module thus goes global and can be followed anytime, anywhere.

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