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Virtual Reality brings subject to life.

Virtual Reality Learning Campaign
The challenge
Characteristics of the question
Complex subject Difficult to visualize Target audience requires experience and surprise

Virtual Reality visualizes abstract and complex subject

How can you visualize a complex and abstract topic in a way that still maximizes learning? With the help of Virtual Reality! For Maersk, we developed a custom 3D world that allows employees to increase their knowledge of the organization’s software architecture. The use of 360° videos and custom 3D models provides full immersion and brings the complex and spirited subject matter to life.

The result
What does it provide?
Abstract and complex subject clarified VR solution linked to LMS Support increased with unique learning experience Custom 3D world for full immersion

Challenging 3D world increases support and knowledge

The use of VR as a digital learning solution increases participant engagement and motivation as they actively participate in the learning material. This grows support around the MIP software architecture. Important as the subject is increasingly on the map. The use of animations, sound and video materials creates a unique learning experience. Participants fully immerse themselves in a virtual world, learning in ways they have not often experienced before.

Virtual reality learning solution with SCORM output

The VR solution was built using the CenarioVR tool. This tool makes it possible to link the digital learning solution as SCORM to Maersk’s LMS. The organization thus has a central place where employee learning outcomes are recorded. This provides insight into the knowledge level of employees and the subtopics that require additional attention.

Maximise potential
Experiencing the benefits of virtual reality for yourself?

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