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Learning with video:
the practice in pictures.

Video E-learning
The challenge
Characteristics of the question
Difficult to mimic real-life situations Being able to make mistakes without consequences Greater understanding of the 'other'

Learning from realistic practice videos with compelling storytelling power

The modules consist of high-quality videos that realistically show the interactions and challenges between the intern and supervisor, highlighting events from two perspectives. This perspective switching effect gives users a deep understanding of the complexity of guidance and objective assessment. Thanks to the use of professional actors, the characters are believable and participants have an authentic learning experience.

The result
What does it provide?
Learning from different perspectives, for greater understanding Videos with professional actors Being able to make mistakes without consequences

Deeper insights for objective assessment

After each video, users receive in-depth information to support understanding and analysis of situations. Insights, best-practices and relevant theoretical concepts are provided to help develop objective assessment skills.

Maximise potential
An Oscar-worthy learning solution?

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