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Blended onboarding brings workplace to life.

Augmented Reality Blended learning
The challenge
Characteristics of the question
Independently master the workplace Online onboarding saves time and money

Blended onboarding process to get to know organization

Use digital learning to help new employees quickly master their work environment. That’s exactly what Heineken’s blended onboarding program accomplishes. New employees at the Heineken breweries in Den Bosch and Zoeterwoude get to know their workplace in a short period of time through the application of AR technology. Participants walk through the brewery with a tablet. A GPS trigger introduces them to relevant information at appropriate locations. This interactive way of learning engages new employees directly with the organization and makes them quickly feel at home in the new workplace.

The result
What does it provide?
Unique learning experience with deployment of AR technology Getting to know the new employer independently Combination of online and offline elements

Digital learning components in physical locations

By integrating digital learning components with physical locations at breweries, Heineken is ensuring that new employees are not just passively consuming information, but are actively engaged in their learning process. Online and offline components come together in this blended onboarding. Complex concepts are presented in a practical and applicable way. This enables employees to apply knowledge gained directly to where it is actually relevant. AR components provide a high learning experience that Heineken employees won’t soon forget.

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