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Microlearning as preparation.

Lucas Bols
Blended learning Microlearning
The challenge
Characteristics of the question
Preparation for practical classes Lower threshold for learning

Tasty brain snacks as an approachable learning solution

In collaboration with Lucas Bols, we developed 26 interactive brain snacks specifically for participants to take prior to the workshops. This unique learning experience provides a seamless alignment between online and offline learning moments. Thanks to the short duration, trainees can easily follow this form of microlearning wherever and whenever they want. In between their other work, at home on the couch or on the train on the go. This lowers the barrier to entry and ensures that they can complete each section with ease.


The result
What does it provide?
Participants come prepared to practice class Accessible learning Results collected in learning platform

Series of short brain snacks following set structure

Each brainsnack covers one specific topic, ranging from gin to tea and everything in between. The topics are presented in a set structure: a welcome page, some interactive work forms and a conclusion. Thanks to this structured and recognizable approach, students assimilate a wide range of knowledge, making them well prepared for practical classes.

The result
What does it provide?

Microlearning combined with proprietary learning platform

Due to the modular structure of our learning platform, it is fully adapted to the needs of Lucas Bols. All brainsnacks, progress and results achieved can be found on the platform, while at the same time the LMS reflects Lucas Bols’ brand identity. The result is a platform with an attractive look and feel that inspires and motivates users to take their knowledge and skills to the next level.

Maximise potential
Achieve something big with small learning components?

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