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Performance support.

performance support

The importance of effective performance support

With performance support, you can further improve your team’s performance. This form of learning gives employees in the workplace exactly the information they need at that moment to do their jobs well. We can set this up for your organization in many different ways: for example, with a decision tree, reference cards, an application or using augmented reality. Or are you looking for a combination of learning formats to support your employees in the workplace? Let’s hear from you, and together we’ll see how we can set up workplace learning at your organization.

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Benefits at a glance
Learning at the time you need it. Apply knowledge immediately, for optimal learning efficiency. Various learning formats possible, for a customized solution. Work support via different devices possible. Furnished based on your corporate identity.

The benefits of performance support

Performance support enables learning at the exact moment a person needs it. By making the right learning products available, you will help employees develop their skills, receive constructive feedback and be motivated. Thus, you enable users to learn and solve problems quickly and efficiently as they work. This form of learning provides direct access to information and instructions needed to perform specific tasks.

performance support

Develop performance support with us?

Through effective performance support, you can further optimize your team’s performance. Even within your organization, most of the learning takes place in the workplace itself, as the 70-20-10 model shows, for example. And so we deploy workplace support to adapt learning accordingly. This form of learning is possible at many levels: from digital instruction cards to complete learning applications. Thus, we always have a customized solution for your issue.

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