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Online onboarding.

online onboarding

A flying start with
online onboarding!

Online onboarding to introduce new employees to your organization interactively, quickly and independently? In this way, you engage employees in their new work environment from day one, making them feel like immediate ambassadors of your organization. We help you with a customized program full of varied and interactive learning formats, completely in your corporate style. Will you get on board with us? Let’s explore together what a digital onboarding program can bring to your organization.

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Online onboarding x inBrain
In a nutshell
Getting to know the organization effectively and quickly Independent learning Various forms of learning Online or blended To be combined with your own platform Own house style

Getting started quickly and successfully!

A digital onboarding program ensures that new employees can successfully start working within your organization as soon as possible. For example, a varied course teaches new employees about the company culture, people, history and other relevant aspects of your organization.

Online onboarding or blended onboarding?

At inBrain, we can design digital onboarding programs in a variety of ways. From platforms with interactive learning forms to complete VR worlds in 3D. Or do you prefer a blended onboarding, where the online and offline worlds of your organization meet? The combination of digital learning interventions and physical assignments makes for a varied and effective onboarding program. In this way, new employees learn about the workplace both online and physically. By matching the learning solution to your corporate identity and tone of voice, you’ll get new employees on board in no time.

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Maximise potential ...
With an online onboarding process!

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