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Change campaign.

Encourage behavior change with a change campaign.

A change campaign is a learning campaign that focuses specifically on changing behavior. You can use this theme for a variety of purposes. Learning new protocols? Dealing with privacy-sensitive information top-of-mind? Or do you want to positively change the behavior of your employees for an entirely different application? By spreading the moments of knowledge absorption, a customized change campaign makes all the difference. In need of a change? We are happy to help you with that! Let us hear from you, and together we will find the solution that suits you.

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Change campaign x inBrain
In a nutshell
Effectively achieving behavior change Accessible learning over longer periods of time Varied, repetitive, motivating Learning on different devices possible Design based on your corporate identity

Why a change campaign?

A change campaign effectively drives behavioral change in your employees in a targeted way. By spreading the moments of knowledge absorption and using different learning interventions, users not only work on knowledge and attitudes, but also on their practical application within the context of your organization.

Is behavior change your goal?

inBrain works with you to design the change campaign based on your learning needs. Videos, branching scenarios, brainsnacks, job-aids, mail campaigns: we always find a series of learning interventions that effectively contribute to the behavior change you want to achieve.

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With a change campaign!

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