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Breaking the fixed frameworks.

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Melinda Project Manager
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In our monthly relay column, one of our inBrainers gives his or her personal perspective on a topic within digital learning, and then passes the baton to a colleague.

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Hi Jara,

Indeed, digital learning is evolving like crazy! Do you remember your first digital learning experience? A number of memories come to mind right away. I see myself as an eight-year-old sitting in the elementary school hallway behind one of those old-fashioned computers with huge thick screens. I learned the tables through a computer game, where as a reward you got a brick to “brick a wall yourself. Is there ANYONE who also remembers this? Another one of those memories: all those hours I spent at home on RedCat: The Frenzied Arithmetic Race and RedCat: The Cool Time Travel. Digital learning as it was in my younger years.

And it really hasn’t been that long. Relatively speaking, then. Yet digital learning is absolutely nothing like those days. Developments are moving incredibly fast and more and more is possible. Inside, but also outside known frameworks.

Even more attractive than RedCat

As a project manager, I know better than anyone else that so much more is possible in digital learning than our clients often expect. How about a digital escaperoom as part of online onboarding, where game elements teach you everything you need to get through your first work days? Or a gamified learning where you walk through your “own” office and learn about information security? Just a few features that make learning much more appealing than reading a (digital) book. And even more attractive than good old RedCat.

We recently received a request from a client to develop a module on integrity on social media in a rapid development tool. This specific question was based on their own experiences with online learning and, of course, the available budget. After delving deeper into the content, however, we concluded that an entirely different format would be much more effective. To raise participants’ awareness of the topic, an interactive video was a much better fit. And thanks to all of today’s technological capabilities, we were able to accomplish this within whatever framework we wanted. This created a learning solution that the client did not expect to be an option beforehand.

Cold feet

We regularly see that it is difficult for clients to keep up with developments and opportunities. This makes perfect sense and requires something of us as experts. We also sometimes notice some cold feet among customers. Not surprisingly, because trying something unfamiliar, without knowing how the people in your organization will receive it, can be quite exciting. By taking our clients through the creative process, comparing different options and testing them with the target audience, we can take them through this. Thus, we create a common idea and help clients realize the best learning solution within the possibilities. And in doing so, more is often possible than you think.

When choosing the right learning solution, it is always important to keep in mind the bigger picture. Often a learning solution is part of a broader trajectory, and both form and content need to match.
, can you tell us more about the connection between systems thinking and our online learning solutions? Let me know.

Happy greetings!


Melinda Langeveld is a project manager at inBrain. Armed with an infectious smile and an innate talent for multitasking, she cheerfully leads our projects in the right direction.

Melinda - Project Manager

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