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Maurice Castagna.

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Maybe you already know us, having worked with us for years. You may have no idea who works at inBrain. Our team is what makes us unique, which is why we like to tell a little more about the people behind the products!

This time we introduce you to Maurice Castagna, project manager at inBrain.

What characteristic makes you do your job better?

‘I am very solution-oriented. If something goes differently than planned, I stay calm and look for the best solution. If it can’t go left, then go right. But, of course, always in close consultation with the client and my colleagues.

If you could only have three apps on your phone, which would you choose (and why)?

‘You would almost forget it exists, but: the phone app! The caller is faster and phone numbers are easily found. Buienradar is also a must. Then I can check if I need to put on rain gear before I leave for the office or home. And finally, Google Keep, because without a reminder app I’m going to forget things smoothly.

People would be surprised if they knew about me that….

‘Although my parents were both born in the Netherlands, my grandmothers and grandfathers came from many different countries. Thus, I have not only Dutch, but also Indonesian, Italian and German blood. As you can imagine, food at home used to be very varied. And that’s still the case with me, frankly.’

How would you describe your job to a 5-year-old child?

‘I arrange all sorts of things so that the people I work with can make beautiful things. Other people can then learn from those things. By sending messages or calling people, everyone knows what needs to be done and that’s how I make sure what needs to be made is finished on time.

What was the most beautiful thing you saw on the way to work?

‘Last winter I saw a beautiful sunrise from my bike on my way to the office. There was still a layer of fog hanging over the meadow and in the background you could see the “skyline” of Utrecht. Wonderful! Despite the cold and the inclement wind, my day couldn’t have gone wrong.

More about Maurice


As project manager, I am the link between our clients and inBrain’s Digital Learning Specialists. I previously worked as a project manager at digital agencies developing websites and apps. With that experience under my belt, I also work closely with inBrain’s development team on our learning management system (LMS).


My goal is to make projects run as smoothly as possible. Of course, not everything always goes as planned. And that does not matter at all, otherwise it would also be just boring. Especially in those situations, I enjoy looking for a solution. Consultation, seeing what is possible and, in the end, just another great learning experience.

Maurice - Project Manager
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