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Jara van der Velde.

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Maybe you already know us, having worked with us for years. You may have no idea who works at inBrain. Our team is what makes us unique, which is why we like to tell a little more about the people behind the products!

This time we introduce you to Jara van der Velde, Digital Learning Specialist at inBrain.

How do we see your personality reflected in your work?

‘The 16 personalities test describes me as a campaigner. I know myself as a free spirit and I enjoy coming up with creative and innovative ideas. My goal is achieved when the learning solution perfectly matches the client’s needs and the learners’ curiosity is piqued.

What did you used to want to be and what do you still see from that in your work today?
“I always used to want to be a photographer and when I got older a doctor. In the role of Digital Learning Specialist, I can fully express my creative side. Whether it’s coming up with a learning concept or thinking along about the look and feel of a module. I can put my passion for helping people with their health back into my yoga classes. In fact, in addition to my work at inBrain, I am also a yoga instructor.

What’s always in your bag when you’re at work?
‘My laptop! In addition, I always carry an ample supply of food. From a refreshing smoothie as a snack to a nutritious hot meal for lunch. And at the end of the day a Sultana for the final energy boost. What’s great about inBrain is the ability to reheat or prepare my meals. That way I can eat healthy food in the afternoon and work the rest of the day full of energy!

What location could we find you in if you could work anywhere in the world?
‘I would love to see myself working in Hawaii! In the Netherlands I live only a stone’s throw from the beach, but it seems wonderful to do my work from a tropical beach with breathtaking nature around me. During my breaks, I would practice yoga in the sand or even catch a few small (or are there only big ones?!) waves with a surfboard. Then I can get back to work with renewed energy!

If inBrain were an orchestra, what would your role be?
‘I would take on the role of violinist. Violinists use their violin to expressively express emotions and stories. In addition, violinists must be very good listeners in order to play in harmony with other musicians. I believe that my listening skills come in handy in understanding the wants and needs of both customers and colleagues.

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As a Digital Learning Specialist, I always find it an exciting challenge to get to the essence of a question. Then my goal is to come up with the most appropriate learning concept and to provide complicated information in an engaging and practical way. The learning itself should be an enjoyable experience!


Through my side job as a yoga teacher, I am a Digital Learning Specialist with a holistic approach to learning, addressing both cognitive and emotional aspects. An engaging learning solution with a deeper message, enhances learning retention and increases learner engagement.

Jara - Digital Learning Specialist
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