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This is how you entice people to learn.

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Lennard Account Manager
About our relay column

In our monthly relay column, one of our inBrainers gives his or her personal perspective on a topic within digital learning, and then passes the baton to a colleague.

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Thank you for your question. Enticing people to engage in learning. That is one of our core missions. At inBrain, we make learning fun. Of course with engaging, creative and activating learning experiences. This can only be done by properly connecting to the needs and perceptions of the target audience. Familiarity is motivating. And motivation re-energizes learning. And honestly, finding that connection is what I love about our work!

Each project provides an opportunity to get an inside look at the client’s business. So I come into contact with all kinds of people: techies, health care professionals, dredgers, lawyers, box fillers, doctors. And even professions I didn’t even know existed. All are experts in their fields, who can tell me all the details and love to share how beautiful their work is.

But I’m also taking employees to task. Why do they do this work? What’s fun about it? What does their life look like? And no, far from all that information is needed for the final product. But it helps to get a sense. A sense of who these people are. I think it is an illusion to be able to fully understand their work and world in such a short project period. But I can come up with a solution that allows them to continue learning. And every piece of information can help strike the right chord.

Probing dredge in a boat

An example. The peeks behind the scenes have brought me everywhere. And so suddenly I was in a boat to measure the amount of dredge in ditches. It was interesting to learn about the technology, but to the conversations were much more important to me. These people didn’t see themselves working in an office. Working outside, even if the weather is bad. One employee literally said, “It’s always a surprise what you see when you turn the corner. That was the inspiration I needed. Based on this, a photographer took beautiful pictures from the boat. These photos form the screens of an interactive story where you will learn all about polling. And behind every bend, the participant finds something new. A learning solution with experience, based on what appears to be an “ordinary” conversation about everyday work.

This is just another example of how I try to translate everyday practice into a creative learning experience. People recognize their work environment in the learning solution and thus are enticed to get started and learn.

Speaking of which.
, I saw you tinkering with our LMS this week. What role does a learning platform actually play in people’s learning experience? I am curious to hear your answer. Hear about it next month!



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Lennard Meijer is Digital Learning Specialist at inBrain. This avid tennis player gets energy from coming up with creative solutions to complex situations. This is always accompanied by excellent service and a smashing end result.

Lennard - Account Manager

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