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Upskilling & reskilling.

Upskilling and reskilling for future-proof employees.

Technology is evolving at lightning speed and that has implications for your employees: additional skills (upskilling) or different skills (reskilling) are needed. By deploying customized digital learning solutions, you ensure that your employees’ skills match what is needed. This is how you bridge the so-called skills gap: the difference between the skills an employee should have and the skills an employee actually has.

Do you want your employees to grow with you in a work environment that is changing rapidly? We help you make sure your employees have and maintain the right skills.

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Upskilling & reskilling x inBrain
In a nutshell
An appropriate response to a world that is rapidly changing The right skills for future-proof employees To be combined with a proprietary LMS, for complete insight Development for different devices possible (smartphone, tablet, PC) Always based on your corporate identity

What is upskilling and reskilling?

Every organization has to deal with it: technological developments that have a great impact on our daily work. This offers many opportunities, but it also has consequences: we must adapt or expand our skills to keep up with these developments and take full advantage of all the new possibilities. And technology is developing so fast that we need to continue to do this in the future. By upskilling, we mean expanding existing skills with new skills. Reskilling is adapting existing skills to fit the new situation.

Teaching skills with digital learning solutions?

Digital learning solutions such as e-learning, microlearning or blended learning help bridge the skills gap. Employees learn new or different skills in an approachable way. By providing the learning resources online, the information is easily customizable and always remains up-to-date. In addition, the information is better tailored to the individual. In exactly what form of learning do we do that? We determine that together, based on your question and needs.

Making sure your organization is ready for the future? We like to think about upskilling and/or reskilling your employees. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Maximise potential ...
With upskilling and reskilling!

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