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Serious game.

Serious game: learning with the fun of gaming

In a serious game, you use the fun of gaming to achieve specific learning objectives. People are actively engaged in learning and learn more effectively because of the positive emotions they experience through gaming. Simply because learning does not feel like learning anymore. Learning games are the perfect form of learning to simulate realistic scenarios from your work practice, for example. Users can practice, try out and make mistakes without consequences in a protected environment. Seriously! Do you want to surprise your employees by offering learning in a completely different way? We are happy to think with you about how we can apply serious gaming in your organisation.

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Why serious games?
Benefits at a glance
The fun of gaming to achieve learning goals. Interactive, original and fun way of learning. Practice in a safe environment. Increases motivation and engagement. Look and feel based on your corporate identity.

What is serious gaming?

Serious gaming is a form of gaming in which the focus is not primarily on entertainment, but on achieving specific (learning) goals. An interactive learning format for training and problem solving through a game. We work together with you to design a custom learning game to simulate realistic scenarios relevant to the purpose of the game. A suitable learning format for a variety of applications: from training skills to promoting team building and improving decision-making.

Is a customised serious game the solution for you?

A serious game keeps the user engaged and motivated to achieve the goal of the game. Due to the interactive and challenging nature of the game, players can gain skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging way. The learning format lends itself well to simulating realistic real-world scenarios, allowing users to practice in a safe environment. This makes serious gaming a powerful tool for learning and having fun at the same time.

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