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Short and sweet learning with microlearning

The learning moments may be small, the learning effect is huge! By offering different forms of learning in sections, you spread out the moments of knowledge absorption and increase the learning efficiency among your employees. Where something small can be big. The threshold for learning is lower and employees remain motivated to acquire new knowledge. Wondering if microlearning is the answer to your learning question?

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Why microlearning?
Benefits at a glance
Short, focused learning interventions increase learning efficiency. Flexible learning at your own pace. Development for different devices. Variety through the use of various forms of learning. Attractive look and feel, based on your corporate identity.

Focused, varied learning activities

By microlearning, we mean the delivery of targeted learning activities packaged in small, brief learning interventions. By breaking down a learning experience into small pieces, it is easier to process and remember all the information. We design your learning solution using a wide range of learning technologies. For example, short videos, podcasts, interactive modules, games, infographics, quizzes and more.

Employees can learn and develop at their own pace and at their most convenient time. The perfect way of learning for busy professionals who need quick and practical solutions to acquire new skills or update existing ones.

Microlearning for your organisation?

We often use microlearning as part of a blended or mixed learning program. The combination of multiple learning methods provides a varied and effective learning experience. Employees have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills quickly and easily. This is how learning is truly accessible!

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Maximise potential ...
With microlearning!

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