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Learning Campaign.

Spreading moments of knowledge absorption

In a learning campaign, learning is not limited to a single moment of knowledge intake, but participants develop their knowledge and behaviors spread over time. An ideal solution, for example, for learning new work protocols, implementing new systems/tools or for awareness campaigns. Need advice or do you have any questions? Contact us.

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Why a learning campaign?
Benefits at a glance
Combination of various learning initiatives. High learning efficiency. Tailored to the learning needs of your organisation. Learning on different devices possible. To be combined with your personal inSight learning platform.

Why a learning campaign?

A learning campaign is a series of learning interventions spread over an extended period of time. Whether it involves implementing new ways of working, working with new software or learning a completely new organizational structure: major changes within a organisation are often not overcome with a single learning intervention. A learning campaign helps your employees to get used to a new situation step by step.

We carefully design your learning solution to help your employees grow and enhance their potential. Participants will receive interactive and customised learning interventions. This often starts with knowledge-based learning, but as time progresses, interventions become more personal and more focused on changing behavior. In this way, participants work not only on knowledge and attitude, but also on its practical application.

Develop a custom learning campaign together?

inBrainhelps design your campaign based on learning needs and learning culture within your organisation. Videos, branching



, job-aids, mail campaigns: the
possibilities are endless. We will work together to classify the learning solution based on your needs and wants. We will provide an inspiring design based on your corporate identity.

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Maximise potential ...
With a customised learning campaign!

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