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Lifelong learning as a life philosophy.

leven lang leren
Jara Digital Learning Specialist
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In our monthly relay column, one of our inBrainers gives his or her personal perspective on a topic within digital learning, and then passes the baton to a colleague.

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Hi Ivo,

And óf I am of lifelong learning! In my own life lies a deep-seated passion: an insatiable hunger for knowledge and personal growth. As a child, I was always fascinated by books and extremely curious about the world around me. In the years that followed, I grew into an adult who constantly challenged himself to develop new skills. The drive to learn continues to influence me, both personally and professionally. For me, lifelong learning is not a luxury but a necessity of life.

This drive for continuous development has led me to my current role as Digital Learning Specialist. My own journey of lifelong learning has reinforced my belief that knowledge is the key to empowerment, both for individuals and organizations.

leven lang leren


In our fast-paced digital society, it is critical to keep up and grow with the changes that are taking place. Our world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by technological innovations and global shifts. Our ability to continue to acquire and apply relevant knowledge and skills keeps us resilient in a world that is constantly changing.

Online learning is obviously a powerful tool to address these challenges. There are SO many opportunities to access new knowledge at any time. Whether it’s taking a course on social media marketing or brushing up on knowledge about safety rules, learning can be done at any time! The beauty of online learning is that it adapts to learners’ needs. You can study at your own pace and develop specific skills relevant to you, regardless of your stage of life.

Fashion word or life philosophy?

Companies that encourage employees to keep learning will see better performance in the long run and create higher employee engagement. I really think it increases the likelihood that talented employees will stay with the organization and be continually encouraged to advance themselves and the organization. More job happiness for employees, but also more competitiveness of a company in a rapidly changing market.

In my view, lifelong learning is not just a buzzword, but a life philosophy that both individuals and organizations can embrace. Or rather: must embrace it. It is recognizing that learning never ends and that the quest for knowledge and growth is a fundamental part of our existence. In my role as a Digital Learning Specialist, I not only adhere to this philosophy myself, but also carry it out to others. Because in a world that is constantly evolving, lifelong learning is the key to success!

I said it before: as Digital Learning Specialists, we need to keep growing with the technological opportunities, which seem to increase every day. It is already hard work for us as experts to keep up with everything, let alone how it is for others. How can we bring our customers into this?
: you as a project manager must have experience with that!

Greetings Jara

Jara van der Velde is Digital Learning Specialist at inBrain. Combining this with teaching yoga classes, all her creative learning products naturally become holistic and completely zen.

Jara - Digital Learning Specialist
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