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Relay column

Ode to the subject idiot (from an educator).

About our relay column

In our monthly relay column, one of our inBrainers gives his or her personal perspective on a topic within digital learning, and then passes the baton to a colleague.

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Hi Martin,

Indeed, it seems more than appropriate to pay tribute to the “professional idiots” with whom we work so happily.
So this week I want to pause and reflect on you: the passionate professional idiot that I, as an educationist, could not live without.

As an educationist, I know (almost) everything about learning, but nothing about your field.
You know, the one you’ve enjoyed getting out of bed for every day for many years.
The one about which you have learned just about everything there is to learn.
That which you tell tasty stories about at parties and birthdays and which have everyone hanging on your every word.
But also that which makes new and existing colleagues look up to you.
With good reason, because you have put your heart and soul into it.
Your expertise is exactly what I need to ensure that the next generation has the same solid foundation to do the job in the future.
Especially now that many (fellow) professionals are at the end of their careers.


Inexhaustible amount of knowledge

You know everything, but really everything, about what you do and love to share it with me and others.
Although you do think that we never write and explain enough.
Because what if you happen to encounter that one exception?
And then comes one of those under-witnesses who say you have to get to the point and who don’t see the importance of all those details and nuances as you do.
And that is completely understandable, because you have put your heart and soul into the profession.

Effectively passing on expertise

So I want to take this space anyway to say: don’t worry.
We education professionals are going to work to make sure your experience doesn’t go to waste and to spread it as widely as possible.
With the added benefit that we know exactly how to do this as effectively as possible and appropriately for the new generation(s).
How great is it that everything you know will soon be handholds for a new professional idiot (in the making)?
So I close with a short question, as subject idiots among ourselves.
Let’s make (beautiful) substantiated, high-quality things together.
Me from my passion and you from yours.
Because that’s where the most beautiful things are created.
And then I promise I’ll be less likely to tell you that you really should deliver less text, because deleting leads to the core 😉 .
Hey @Sterre, can you explain in which ways we look at, and work with, the target audience in order to be able to convey the expertise of our professionals as effectively as possible?

Felicia de Ruiter is Digital Learning Specialist at inBrain.
Gamification is one of her specialties and draws inspiration for this during one of her many hobbies: gaming!

Felicia - Digital Learning Specialist
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