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Sterre Roelofs.

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Maybe you already know us, having worked with us for years. You may have no idea who works at inBrain. Our team is what makes us unique, which is why we like to tell a little more about the people behind the products!

This time we introduce you to Sterre Roelofs, project manager at inBrain.

How do we see your personality reflected in your work?

My personality is Defender ISFJ-T (Introverted-Observant-Feeling-Judging-Turbulent). This manifests itself in hard work, being dedicated to inBrain and experiencing a great sense of responsibility for those around me. In my work, I get a lot of energy from facilitating all the frameworks and opportunities that allow project members to focus on their expertise as much as possible.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your work?

Frankly, I think the misconception I had myself before inBrain about working at an e-learning company is common. Namely: working with boring, dusty and old-fashioned e-learning modules. Many people have taken e-learning. From my own experience, I can say that these were generally not the most exciting e-learnings. Since working at inBrain, my perception of e-learning has completely changed. We show that online learning can be playful, effective, engaging and, above all, fun!

What advice would you give to a new colleague?

There is no such thing as stupid questions! By feeling free to ask anything, you learn the most and encourage others to rethink their answers, which can lead to new and interesting insights!

What characteristic makes you do your job better?

The trait that first comes to mind is being disciplined. I am definitely not a procrastinator and want to get the things I am up against over with as soon as possible. I do not like to procrastinate and often pick up complicated work immediately.

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I make sure projects run as smoothly as possible, expectations are well managed and everyone knows when what needs to be done. After my master’s degree in Policy, Communication and Organization, I worked as a researcher for a long time, which was very individual work. I missed interaction and dynamics. I have totally found this in my role as project manager at inBrain!

I prefer to work on intensive, short-term projects with tight deadlines, working frequently and intensively with both the client and our own project team. Getting stuck and persevering in a project is what energizes me!

Sterre - Project Manager
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