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Learning with animation.

Learning in an engaging way with animation videos

The use of customised animation videos not only makes learning more fun, but also easier and more effective. As a result of the clear visualisation of the subject matter and a professional voice-over, even the most complicated concepts become understandable. At inBrain, we can develop animations as part of your digital learning solution. Do you prefer a stand-alone animation video, such as a short explainer for presentations or webinars? Sure! Send us a message, and we’ll think along.

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Why learning by using animation videos?
Benefits at a glance
From quick and simple (2D) to customized 3D designs Stand-alone or in combination with another learning solution Voice-over, subtitles, translation possible Look and feel based on your corporate identity

Why learning with animation videos?

Explaining a complex subject to others can be quite a challenge. The explanation sounds abstract, jargon cannot be avoided and your story comes across as laborious. This affects your core message! Avoid this situation by using an animated video. Moving images capture the imagination of your viewers. With short, concise and clear explanations, we make complex topics understandable to keep your audience captivated.

Animation videos could increase learning efficiency

Whether it’s abstract processes, complicated technology or cause-and-effect relationships, animation videos make your message understandable and engaging. In just one or two minutes, we can explain a complex concept or process while keeping the viewer engaged and captivated.

So what are you waiting for? Make your presentations, webinars and trainings more interesting and effective with animation videos. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.

Maximise potential ...
By using animation videos!

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