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Fleur Brus.

fleur brus
Fleur Digital Learning Specialist
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Maybe you already know us, having worked with us for years. You may have no idea who works at inBrain. Our team is what makes us unique, which is why we like to tell a little more about the people behind the products!

This time we introduce you to Fleur Brus, Digital Learning Specialist at inBrain.

What hidden talent do you have?

I am tremendously good at starting new hobbies or projects! Finishing … maybe not so. This results in an array of half crochet jobs, unread books and woodcarving projects. I may not have a specific talent, but I am good at anything new and enjoy it immensely when my interests expand.

What characteristic makes you do your job better?

Especially with building e-learning modules, it is important that everything is right. This requires paying attention to details, and I do have a hand in that. I also enjoy seeing things from different perspectives and empathizing with different people. This is useful when working with a quantity of diverse businesses and audiences.


If you could snap your fingers and spontaneously become an expert at something, what would it be?

I would like to be able to dance well. I love it when people have such control over their bodies. I often get energized just watching people dancing, and I can well imagine getting even more energized when you are yourself.

What is your favorite way to unwind after a busy work week?

Cooking! I love taking time to fiddle around in the kitchen. I first inventory the contents of my refrigerator and with a vague idea I just start somewhere. Before I know it, I’m in a flow and working on three courses at once. Music on, beer there…!

What is missing at home that you have at the office?

My workplace at the office is much better tidy than my workplace at home. So that is also my dining table, hobby table, workspace and surface to put away clutter. I like a little chaos for home, but in the office I love to work in a tidy place.

More about Fleur


As a Digital Learning Specialist, I have a broad role within inBrain. I build modules and I am also involved in their content: consulting with the client, coming up with a good concept and story, and writing texts. Together with colleagues, I am working daily to make beautiful things, which I enjoy.


My Creative Business degree in education prepared me for this broad role. At the time, I chose a broad education because I couldn’t choose, but nowadays I have found out that I don’t want to choose either: it’s precisely this diversity that I love. Fortunately, there is plenty of room for that at inBrain!

Fleur - Digital Learning Specialist
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