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Maaike Negenman.

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Maybe you already know us, having worked with us for years. You may have no idea who works at inBrain. Our team is what makes us unique, which is why we like to tell a little more about the people behind the products!

This time we introduce you to Maaike Negenman, Digital Learning Specialist at inBrain.

What special or hidden talent do you have?

‘Scoring second-hand bargains. I am all too happy to visit thrift stores, second-hand clothing stores or market stalls these days. You sometimes have to look through the clutter a bit, but if you look carefully, you will automatically come across nice items, such as garments, decorations or furniture. You save money, it’s better for the environment and chances are no one else has it!

What was your first impression during your application?

“When I first joined inBrain, I received a warm welcome that immediately made me feel comfortable. Our office is very new and spacious and the view is super! I immediately noticed that there were all kinds of games: foosball, air field hockey, a playseat. This made me feel that there is a friendly, informal atmosphere at inBrain. And this turned out to be one hundred percent true! We work hard, but great value is also placed on sociability.

How do you prefer to start your day?

‘As late as possible haha… I am definitely not a morning person. At night, I very enthusiastically set my alarm nice and early with the idea that I can then start the day quietly, but then I snooze so long in the morning that I have to rush to get there on time. So I really need coffee in the morning. No matter if it’s the weekend or just during the week, I start every day with two cups of coffee by default.’

If you could only have three apps on your phone, what would you choose (and why)?

‘Anyway Google Maps! I have no sense of direction, so without Google Maps I would probably never get anywhere. In addition, I think Pinterest. I love poking around on Pinterest for inspiration for things like home decor, outfits or a new hairstyle. And finally, the online banking app. Managing money has never been easier! (Neither does spending money, for that matter ).’

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert at something, what would it be?

‘Driving a car I think. I got my driver’s license at 19 (I think I took four times over my theory, but miraculously passed my practical exam in one go). I have had my driver’s license for many years now, but have never been a good driver. Parking I find completely terrible. If at all possible, I take my bike or go by public transport, but it still seems very convenient to just go by car. Surely this makes you a lot more mobile.

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Maaike is Digital Learning Specialist at inBrain. Inquisitive herself, Maaike is only too happy to dive into content. Her attention to detail and analytical eye have allowed her to create many well-structured and well-run e-learnings.

Maaike - Digital Learning Specialist
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